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YOKOZUNA data, a state-of-the-art machine learning engine that predicts the behavior of each individual user

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Behavioral Prediction

A prediction platform that uses next-gen AI algorithms to move game development into the future.

Big Data

Utilizing the latest techniques in big data processing and cloud computing, YOKOZUNA data scales to datasets of any size.

Machine Learning

Machine learning provides continuous improvement and increasingly accurate predictions.

Why Yokozuna Data?

Develop games based on data

YOKOZUNA data reveals player patterns and powerful prediction insights that should boost data-driven game development.

Player log-in and game dynamics

Understand the player dynamics of your games. What is the log-in probability of a given user? When will their next login take place? Implementing actions based on data is the best way to keep your players engaged.

Personalized notifications and promotions

Send targeted players the right message at the right moment and make the most of your promotions thanks to the YOKOZUNA data notification system.

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